One selfie-stick from reality


TV4 is one of Sweden’s largest television channels, offering a mix of news, light entertainment and current affairs programmes. They had found reaching a younger audience a challenge via their linear and traditional channels, and this wanted to bring attention to their digital channel TV4 Play. We were tasked with launching one of their new and exclusive shows for TV4 Play, named ‘Single Life’ in an advertising campaign. The reality show premiered an entirely new TV format, documenting the adventures of five unknown profiles via self-filmed footage from their mobile phones. Our main focus for the campaign was that it needed to capture the imagination of a younger audience and broaden interest in TV4 Play.


We needed to get the attention of the younger market, cutting through the heavy amount of communication that is already thrown their way. Therefore we knew we needed to make a splash where they hang out and interact. We also wanted to start a real-time conversation - to find out what Single Life was like for the masses, instead of telling them what we thought. After all, the principle behind the show was to find out - unfiltered - exactly what being single in Sweden is like. With that as our inspiration, we just had to bring it to life.  

The creative idea

Thought you knew ‘The Rules’? Think again. Our main insight was that single life in Sweden has changed forever. Dating apps have turned the tables on the usual rituals of Nordic love. Heavily influenced by the US, dating is now officially a numbers game, where all the players are reluctant to reveal their hand and their feelings.

This leaves wannabe lovers with plenty of question marks. Is it ok to cyber-stalk your crush before your first date? Do you stop using Tinder when you’re still dating? And perhaps most importantly - when are you officially a bona-fide couple? Our idea was to find the answer to those questions - by polling the masses and asking them their opinion on single life. In the process, we’d spark a compelling, real-time conversation with our target group.


To launch the campaign, we wanted to create a real-time poll where our target group hung out. We had one particular location in mind - notorious hook-up spot Stureplan in Stockholm, Sweden. We set up a digital billboard that let everyone set the record straight once and for all - by voting for the best way to meet someone new. Whether it’s over a whiskey and coke at Spy Bar - or in the queue at Mcdonald's - the poll didn’t judge. Our responsive billboard reacted to votes in live time, casting a bright, colourful light over the Östermalm streets and revealing which option was currently in the lead.

Online, our audience could have their say online at And in print and digital outdoor ads we publicised the show and the poll by featuring relatable conversations that everyone has sent on dating apps. Finally, both social media ads and digital banners invited singletons to get involved in the conversation.

Digital Billboard

The peak of the campaign was the live poll in Stureplan. We let our target group vote to decide where they think the best place is to meet a late night hook-up. The screen showed the results in real time from the results of the poll, and responded in kind whenever someone new had their say. We showed this in Stureplan during two busy Saturday nights.



We created tactical ads for the subway and digital banners in the city that invited our audience to join the poll in Stureplan or online. The ads showed amusing and relatable conversations in different dating or messenger apps.  

Online & PR

We used our dating conversations and showed them off in digital banners via bought media, all which linked to the online version of the poll, The site was fully responsive and worked across all viewpoints.


Print & PR

We worked with Swedish podcasters ‘Singelpodden’ and ‘I nöd & lust’ to raise the questions in our poll and generally talk about the show. In addition, we used our social media channels to spread the message in ads and content.



The campaign was picked up and publicised in the media all over Sweden, creating discussions with our desired audience both in TV4 Play’s own social channels but also in earned channels like newspapers and radio. According to Facebook, the campaign had the strongest message association they’d ever seen in the Nordics. Our reach, streaming plays and new users showed strong figures - and most importantly over 61% of our new users were under 25,  a fantastic result that ensured we reached our initial goal.

1.14 million

total reach

1 million views

for first episode stream

22, 114 new

TV4 Play subscribers

61.3% users

from our target group 25 or younger

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